Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Pick of the best satin bomber jackets

You may have noticed that the satin bomber is the must-have jacket right now. Don't worry if up until you've been oblivious, you can catch up below! The pink bomber is definitely the most popular right now, but there are so many different colours available that there's something for everyone. Keep scrolling to see my pick of the best satin bomber jackets that will take you from winter to spring!

Haider Ackerman S/S 2015

(c) Unknown

Will you be buying a bomber jacket this Spring?

Much love, Bemsy x

Friday, 5 February 2016

Valentine's Day - 8 DIY Gifts for Him

Gift giving requires inspiration, and dedication to the cause! There is so much 'stuff' out there, you can trawl the internet or the mall for hours upon hours and still never find something. I think Valentine's Day is a fabulous occasion to make something. So, without further ado, here are my top DIY Gifts for Him!

Will you be making one of these?

Much love, Bemsy x

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Valentine's Day Lingerie - Treat Yo Self!

Each to their own and all, but in my opinion, if you're wearing pretty lingerie primarily for someone else's benefit, then you're wearing it wrong! The only person's opinion that matters when buying lingerie is your own. Of course, if someone else likes it too, bonus!

I've put together a collection of my favourites to help you treat yourself this Valentine's day - because a girl can never, ever have too many cute bras and panties! And if you're reading this thinking, "I hate Valentine's day!!", then here's some lingerie to buy yourself just because!

What's your favourite brand of underwear!

Much love, Bemsy x

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas: What to buy the boys in your life

Christmas is the time of year we all love to complain about, to be honest. As December rapidly approaches, it is officially time to get out our wallets and think about the difficult task of picking presents for our loved ones. This year, I made it my mission to stay ahead of the game, and task myself with completing my shopping list before December had really got under way.

I love to avoid the bustling crowds and that means online shopping is a must for me at this busy time of year. London's Oxford Street, pressed up against strangers, crushed in a sea of shoppers, whilst being forced to make important retail decisions? No thanks! I find sitting in the warmth, browsing the internet with a big cup of coffee somewhat more appealing. 

It's pretty much a given that guys are not the easiest to shop for. They either have no ideas or already have everything they need and let's be honest, what gift is worth buying your boyfriend when you can't pinch it yourself?!

Here is a round-up of my top favourite clothing ideas for the men in my life this Christmas - No peeking guys!

Serge DeNimes - So Serge Palm Leaves Arm Sweat - Buy here
This is my favourite sweatshirt this AW15. From Oliver Proudlock's own clothing line, Serge DeNimes, this simple sweat is soft to the touch and can easily be styled with black skinny jeans and the right pair of Nike trainers to complete a cool, street look.

Sik Silk - Heavy Neps Curved Hem Tee - Buy here and here
I tend to stay away from brighter colours during the winter, leaving the memories of the Sik Silk/Cafe Mambo collaboration far behind us. This is one of the many new tees we've seen emerge from Sik Silk recently. Sik Silk has undergone a full transformation fro the sharp, bold patterned vests and vivid colours of their summer collection to the more seasonal AW15 collection. I feel like the best thing about the minimalistic colour scheme is the way you can wear it with pretty much anything.

11 Degrees - Base Jogger - Buy here
With clothing designed for today's urban male, 11 Degrees is definitely a label to watch. I'm a big fan of comfort and warmth over fashion and that's why these snuggly 11 Degrees Base Joggers in red are a go-to this winter. With the weather swiftly deteriorating, who wants to walk around in damp denim?

Chptr and Vrse - PU Snood Hood - Buy here
For the diva that exists inside every man in my life - The Snood Hood, half way between a scarf and a hood, does anything sound more appealing this winter? Chptr and Vrse are a brand that puts a breath of fresh air into the industry; this clothing line is devoted to the pursuit of personal, individual style. Incorporating the wet-look sleeves, cuff and hem with a simply small logo embroidered on the chest, in my opinion this is a really cool urban streetwear hoodie (snoodie?).

Sik Silk - Oil Racerback Curved Hem Tee - Buy here and here
New in and possibly something to bring a bit of colour to your nights out this winter is the Sik Silk Racerback Tee. The subtlety of colour really compliments the all over look of the tee. Easily styled with the Sik Silk drop crotch skinny jeans in blue (buy here), this is definitely a big contender for that all important New Year's Eve outfit.

Eloise x

Eloise Rolfe writes for Beauty & Ruin